The Official Elvis Presley Fan Club of Finland ry

Finnish Elvis Fan Club

The OEPFC of Finland ry. is an association officially recognized by Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. (EPE). The purpose of the association is to promote and cherish the life and memory of Elvis Aaron Presley.

In accordance with its purpose, the association organizes Elvis-themed music and film nights, organizes music events, gathers information related to Elvis’ career and life, and engages in publishing and charitable activities.

The association is non-profit.

Fan Club Activities

Elvis Fan Club’s activities have been noted in the media.

Iltalehti  – Marko on käynyt 20 kertaa Elviksen jalanjäljillä Memphisissä: “En ole millään tavalla uskonnollinen, mutta se on aina sykähdyttävää” (30.11.2019)

Aamulehti – Frenckellin kellot soittavat torstaina koko päivän Elvistä (12.9.2018)

Iltalehti – Frenckellin kellot soittavat Elvistä (13.9.2018)

Puruvesi – Ystäväntupa sai sydämellisen lahjoituksen – Elviksen nimeä kantavan hyvätekeväisyysgolfin tuotto Punkaharjulle (13.10.2018) – Elvis Presleyn kuolemasta 40 vuotta – haudalla suomalaisten muistoseppele (16.8.2017)

Itä-Savo – Elvis Golf on koko perheen tapahtuma Kerigolfissa

HBL – 40 år sedan Elvis Presleys död: I Graceland är ingen ensam i kväll (16.8.2017)

Itä-Savo – Vuoden Punkaharjulainen Marko Humia on Suomen Elvis Fan Clubin puheenjohtaja, joka suunnittelee Elvis-hyväntekeväisyysgolfia Kerigolfiin (10.7.2017)


Elvis Fan Club has been involved in charity work and donated money as follows:

In 2023, $200 to The Elvis Presley Charitable Foundation in memory of Lisa Marie Presley

In 2019, €700 for the Savonlinna Central Hospital Youth and Children’s Unit

In 2018 €700 for Punkaharju Friendstupa

In 2017, 700 € to the local branch of the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare in Kerimäki.

The donation funds have been raised by holding an Elvis charity golf competition in Kerigolf.


25 € / year

The purpose of our association is to cherish the life and memory of Elvis Aaron Presley. To achieve the above purpose, we publish twice a year “Elvari” magazine for our club members and organize annual Elvis-themed events with our partners.

The publications and events produced and supported by the association are at the members’ benefit prices. Separately advertised benefits are also available at our events. A prerequisite for becoming a member is the acceptance of the association’s rules and purpose.

ELVARI is a Finnish A4-sized, 48-page member magazine for Elvis enthusiasts.

Interesting articles and stories from us and the world! Interviews, contemporary stories, history, collecting, music…something for everyone!

Become a member now and get this wonderful magazine straight to your home (two issues/year). The eighth issue was published in January 2024.

Fan Club member publications

The Official Elvis Presley Fan Club of Finland ry releases

ELVARI magazine

Magazine for Club members (2020-)


For kids and grown-ups too (2019)


A 60-page travel guide to the footprints of Elvis (2018)


A 56-page guide to Elvis’ SUN RECORDS singles (2017)


Recordings supported by The Official Elvis Presley Fan Club of Finland ry

Jyrki Perälampi - Makes Me Feel Good

15 strongly performed songs made famous by Elvis, Ray Smith, Terry Stafford, Sanford Clark, Del Shannon and Johnny Ace as new arrangements.

Jukka Kittilä - Elvis On My Mind

Album consisting of Elvis covers by Jukka Kittilä.

Jani Matti Juhani laulaa Elvistä suomeksi 1 & 2

Two albums consisting of Jani Matti Juhani’s Elvis covers in Finnish.


Gates of Graceland CD single by Turn On




The Official Elvis Presley Fan Club of Finland is an independent Finnish association of Elvis enthusiasts. The annual membership fee is 25 euros. By sending your contact information and paying your membership fee to the association’s account, you can become a member of The Official Elvis Presley Fan club of Finland ry. Send your contact information using the form below. Upon joining, you also agree to the rules of the association. Membership will take effect once the membership fee has been paid. Payment must be made to the account: FI72 5651 1320 2264 66

Put your name and information about the paid membership in the email field. Note: Please fill out all the fields in the form. The information will only be used for the mailings of Elvis Fan Club member publications and will not be disclosed to outsiders.

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The Official Elvis Presley Fan Club of Finland ry

Marko Humia

Fan Club President

Jani Turunen

Fan Club Vice President

Ari Moisio